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  • February 10th, 2015
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Ultra Noob Pack!

All items replaced for 60 DAYS no matter how you loose them!

Get the ships & the specialists you need to drive up your nav FAST!
Must have at least 20 nav to take this and less then 125 nav!

Get ahead in the game quickly with this package only one package per account.

Includes: Two (2) 100 speed sloops! Each come with: 100 speeds, 3 cargo, 1 armor and 5 passanger cabins! They will dramatically help you with the world tour while making gold delivering passangers, packages & letters all over the map.

Also includes: (1) +10 perfect mate, (1) 990/990 Lookout, our best fisher and two 4.9 cooks!

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Price: $34.95


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