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  • February 10th, 2015
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The Swashbucklers Club 3 full months

Save a bundle and get all the benefits too! This is the best of World of Pirates; we've never had a better offer or program!

Join The Swashbuckler’s! It helps improve WoP and you get some very nice benefits! Fee is for 3 month membership!

• Store ship insurance; replaces ALL losses for as long as you are a member! • Thirty ($30.00) USD in POE to spend anyway you like in the store! *Excludes merchandise that has to be mailed, such as T-Shirts, mouse pads, etc. • Ten million game gold added to your bank every three months. (when you pay your dues) • Private PVP events for Swashbuckler’s only! Now that's a deal!

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Price: $29.95


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