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  • October 12th, 2012
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The maximum skills a soldier can have are:

Weapon skill: 7

Fencing skill: 7

Crew morale bonus: 4,9

Weapon skill adds up to +7 to your weapon skill. Fencing skill adds up to +7 to your fencing skill. Crew morale bonus adds up to 4,9 to your moral.

It can be hard to find a soldier with maximum in more than one skill, but in fact you really only need one soldier.

Weapon skill is more easily found at a cannoneer, then at a soldier, so hire a cannoneer instead.

You can hire a soldier to get fencing skill 7, but if you find a cannoneer with fencing skill 7 you do not need to hire soldier.

Crew morale bonus you can only get one time from a soldier and you can just as easily get it from hiring a cook.

At the store you can buy a cannoneer that has maximum in all four skills, this include fencing skill, so you do not need a soldier. Buy it here.

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