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Helloween 2012 Event

Halloween Event 2012 SATURDAY OCTOBER 27th ALL DAY!

The Great Trick or Treat Race!


Times: Please arrive in Bermuda 20 to 60 minutes prior to the race.

First Race 12:00pm noon EST. 18:00 Berlin. 17:00 London

Second Race: 7:00pm EST. 01:00 Berlin. 00:00 London.

You must be at Bermuda at least 20 minutes PRIOR to the race time!

Entrants start at Bermuda, race to a city or cities of their choice and purchase 100 rum, 100 gems and 20 luxuries. Then race back to Bermuda. There are three winners for this race.

The first three entrants to return will give any of the green staff at Bermuda the 100 rum 100 gems and 20 luxuries upon their return. If they do not have them they are not a winner and the person who came in just after them will be named the winner of that place; 1st, 2nd and 3rd if they have the correct amount of all three items. You can not go over either; meaning you can not have 101 rum, or 25 luxuries, it must be the exact numbers!

*Entrants arriving at Bermuda with any gems, rum or luxuries will be game banned for 24 hours.

Each entrant will receive two 50 speed sloops 20 to 60 minutes prior to the race. People showing up for the race less then 20 minutes before the start can not join in it. There are no exceptions! Please leave personal ships in the harbor in Bermuda.

*Please note, we can see the cargo you are carrying so please do not show up for the race with any cargo! You will be disqualified! (Of course you can have food.) You can sell any cargo on your ships in Bermuda at the Merchant’s before entering the race.

1st place: 200 million gold and; a set of two 100 speed sloops or a $30.00 store gift certificate, your choice!

2nd Place:100 million gold and a $20.00 store gift certificate.

3rd place: 50 million gold and a $10.00 store gift certificate.
**Winners of the first race can NOT win in the second race!

Halloween Trivia
1:30pm EST 19:30 Berlin. 18:30 London. (Ends; 3:00pm EST. 21:00 Berlin. 20:00 London.)

4:30pm EST 22:30 Berlin. 21:30 London. (Ends 7:00pm EST. 01:00 Berlin. 00:00 London)

To enter please type /ccjoin trivia

Winnings will be paid out by “Golden Money Bags” not the person running the trivia game. Payment is; 5 million gold for each correct answer! We keep score so you do not have to worry about receiving the correct amount.
On October 28th the best of trivia award will be given to the person who answered the most questions. The prize is a set of two 100 speed sloops!

Gold Convoy
The Gold Convoy will run intermittently from 1:00pm EST (19:00 Berlin / 18:00 London) Ends 8:00pm EST. 02:00 Berlin/01:00 London.

It will pass in front of at least 60 cities.

Do NOT attack the Gold Convoy or it will turn invisible! All you have to do is find it.
It will stop and trade with you. It will give you one of many awesome prizes!!!
If you can not take your prize it will be delivered to you during the night or following day. All prizes are recorded, so we wont forget you!!!

Nightmare PVP
Begins at: 2:00pm EST 20:00 Berlin. 19:00 London.
Ends; 5:00pm EST 23:00 Berlin, 22:00 London.

And: 6:30pm EST 00:30 Berlin 23:30 London. Ends 8:00pm EST. 02:00 Berlin 01:00 London.

You can set up your pvp time now if you wish by sending an email to:
 HYPERLINK “” and stating the approximate time you would like.
We will give you the time slot nearest to your desired time that is available.
You can also request PVP during the event but this is on a first come, fist serve basis and you may have to wait up to two hours.

You can choose your Nightmares ability: Easy, Medium, Hard and nearly impossible.
Please state your choice in your email. We can not guarantee you will get the Nightmare you choose as they can not be on the entire time.

Treasure Hunt
Some where in the game we’re hiding treasures worth millions in gold & prizes all you need to do is figure out where it is by collecting map pieces, which form a map. There are 4 maps, each go to a treasure. Map pieces are handed out at random in game; you never know when or where or by whom… The more you’re in game the more likely it is that you will receive a map piece. They can also be collected from the Treasure Fleet and one will be given for each order you place in the store until October 25th, 2012.
These are numbered. Map 1 will need pieces; A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.
Map two will need pieces; B6, B7, B8, B9 and B10.
Map three needs pieces; C11, C12, C13, C14 and C15.
Map four needs pieces; D16, D17, D18, D19 and D20.
You will need all five pieces to find a treasure. You can trade, buy/sell pieces in game that go to maps that you do not have enough pieces for.
Map pieces explain the date & time the treasure will be in that spot; so without the entire map you will not be successful.
Good Luck! You’re so going to need it:-o

Treasures contain many $10.00 and $20.00 store gift codes, fleets of 100 speed sloops,
T-Shirts and much more! *You are only allowed to find one treasure per account!

Spooks Raffle
Raffle begins at 3:30pm! (21:30 Berlin 20:30 London) Six fantastic prizes!
Don’t miss out! Get your raffle tickets in the store beginning September 15th (

1St ticket called: $35.00 store gift code and a Captain Morgan Rum throw blanket!
(*Blanket retails for $30.00 USD)

2nd ticket called: $30.00 store gift code and a Captain Morgan Rum throw blanket!

3rd ticket called: Custom Clan Flag or a $25.00 store gift code.

4th ticket called: Set of two 100 speed sloops or a $20.00 store gift code.

5th ticket called: $15.00 store gift code and a World of Pirates T-Shirt!

6th ticket called: $15.00 store gift code.

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