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Helloween Race


Helloween River Race

Start and finish Port of Spain on Sunday 25th October at 20:00 Berlin, 2:00 EST.

You must follow the checkpoints:
Start is at Port of Spain.
1. Stop Tampa
2. Stop Port Louis De La Mobile
3. Stop New Orleans
4. Stop Galeston Bay
5. Stop Corpus Christi
6. Stop Nuestra Senora De …
7. Stop Ciudad Del Carmen
8. Cancun
9. San Carlos
and back to Port of Spain.
You must cross the town at 2 seamiles.
The ships with a crazy speed comes from us.

1st place; $30.00 in PoE to spend in the store.
2nd place; $20.00 in PoE to spend in the store.
3rd place; $10.00 in PoE to spend in the store.


Battle Royal!

Come on out to the river at Port of Spain and join in a total battle to the raft!
Think you have what it takes to beat your best friend or worst enemy in WoP?
Battle shipscomes from us.
Find out!
At the battle; Begins after the Helloween Race Approximately 3:30pm EST / 21:30 Germany!

First Place $20.00 store code
Second place $15.00 store code.
Good Luck!


We’re looking forward seeing you on Oct 25th!

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