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Let’s get dirty!

Let’s get dirty!

On May 24th, you’ll face the bloodiest killing spree ever! It is your task to survive the trip from Tampico to Bermuda and taking part in the final battle.

1st place winner will receive 20 PoE and 5 million gold.
2nd place winner will receive 10 POE and 1 million gold.

How does it work?
– Sign up by posting in Facebook
– Show up in Tampico on Sunday May 24th before 20:20 German time (2:20pm EST)
– Bring 8 non-store ships with you, your choice of ship type & upgrades.
– Defend yourself on the way to Bermuda! Fight, fence and kill in order to get more ships!
– ATTENTION: You MUST find the Treasure Fleet before you can arrive in Bermuda. She will be in one of the cities on the race route!
– You do not have to follow the race route but you must find the TF!
– ALL entrants MUST arrive in Bermuda before 4:30pm EST (22:30pm Germany)

You can carry wood & cloth.
– You can take ships from NPC’s or players.
– You can fence or use cannons or both!
– NO trading with another player.
– NO getting ships from any city!
– NO cheating or Liz will have you for lunch!

Who wins?
The two pirates with the most ships left when arriving in Bermuda

(in case of a tie, first arrivals win)

The battle
After the race, we will have a battle until the last one sits on a raft.

That one will be the dirtiest battles ever held:

– NO repair in the ship yard. No buying W&C. No buying ships!
– NO trading between players!
– NO teams!
– You CAN buy ammo
– You CAN pick up W&C from the sea only.
– You CAN fence!
– Use only the ships you have left after the race
– Look out for green fighters, sinking an admin (green) ship brings 1 PoE!

Players are allowed to collect up to 10 PoE each + winnings.
The last survivor will win an additional 10 PoE and 2 million gold.
Additional rules or instructions may be announced during the event.

You are automatically disqualified if:
– You arrive in Bermuda without finding the TF
– purchasing ships in a city.
– cheating in any way (we‘ll find out)
– having store ships at any time during the race/battle
– trading at any time during the event


We’re looking forward seeing you on May 24th!
Liz, Hindenburg, Tweety and some more green surprise guests

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