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Easter PVP-Race

Easter PVP-Race 3.0

It’s every rat for himself!

Take out the competition; raft them, leave them crewless, shoot them down to burning, do what ever it takes to win!

Sunday April 27th  2:00pm EDT / 20:00 Germany.

The PvP-Race no one will ever forget… Each (registered) entrant will receive the

invisible command to use one time! Use it very carefully, it’s one time use only.

 Please arrive at Joana 15 minutes before start time!

RACE ENDS at 5:00pm EDT / 23:00 Germany! You have three hours to find all the Gems possible!

You must buy a six pack of battle barques and post here to register to be in the race. It will take guts, skill and a LOT of strategy to stay afloat. Think you can handle it?

You will race from Joana to Santa Maria on the way you must collect GEMS before arriving in Santa Maria. (Study the map route!)

To increase your chances of winning anything is allowed! You can raft your best friend,

fence, cut sails & best of all plunder their GEMS! Do what ever it takes to win but do not break any of the rules, there are only a few of themJ

Yes, you can repair! You can pick up all the W&C you want but it will reduce the amount of GEMS you can carry… If you don’t have enough to repair you can be rafted.

If you don’t have enough food you’ll end up on a raft too; so how many GEMS you deliver to Santa Maria will be your strategic choice. 

No, you do NOT have to stick to the route; but you MUST enter EVERY city with a star fish in the order they are shown on the map!!! So, Joana, San Rafael De Curiapo, Tucupita, Pedernalas, etc.  You can enter any city along the way or out of the way, but the Star Fish cities must be entered into in their order.

You can steal all the ship & gems you want from any player.

The Rules

You must stop in EVERY city marked with a star fish.

Teams are NOT allowed!

Starting the race with any cargo (except food) will automatically result in a 24 hour

game ban; no exceptions!

You are not allowed to sail more then six (6) Battle Barques. You will own these ships so there is no need to give them back to us.

You can NOT start the race with W&C you will have to find that yourself once the race has begun! 

It is optional if you want to leave your clan! If there are other racers in your clan it is highly suggested that someone leave or you will not be able to fight one another.

We will put you back in your clan if you need us to do this for you.

You must turn over your GEMS to a green staff member in Santa Maria.

To win you have to have the largest number of GEMS. The three entrants with the highest number of GEMS will be the winners!

Using game cheats, hacks, manipulation of the game’s files and/or cheat software is illegal! (Duh)

***You can only use the Invisible command one time and you must be at sea when you use it. You must turn it off once you have sailed 25 Sea Miles. Make sure to keep

track of how many sea miles you have traveled once you turn the command on! ***

After the race you will still have the invisible command which you can use until you log out for the night, (not a D/C) but we expect you to use it in fun and NOT to win in a PVP battle unless all parties in the battle agree to use it. You are not allowed to use it to harass or cause another player to suffer in the game. Be Honorable! I expect this from all of you! 

This is not a timed race so speed isn’t a priority however everyone will start at the same time, or will they? READ the “fine print” for rules in case of a tie. 

Three winners!


1st place;  $30 in PoE to spend in the store.

2nd place; $25.00 in PoE to spend in the store.

3rd place; $20.00 in PoE to spend in the store.


PoE is automatic you do not need to wait for it to be sent to you!

To use your PoE just send an email to support and list the item(s) you want

from the store. If the total goes over we will send you a PayPal invoice for the balance.

Now get ready for the first ever PVP RACE!


The Fine Print…

In the case of a tie; two or more players arriving in Santa Maria with the same number of GEMS.

The winner will be determined by the time he arrived, 1st player to arrive with the same number of GEMS as player C, D, E will be the 1st place winner; second place will go to the player who arrived second, etc.

If, after the race, it is discovered someone cheated in order to win we will #1 post this info with the players char NAME on Face Book. Their prize(s) will be taken from their account and they will have to post “I’m a cheater” for two days in the Tavern. Think I’m kidding? This seems far better to me then a simple game ban.


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