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Pieces of Eight

Program guide & details.

How about earning free store items, codes and real cash?

It’s called the Pieces of Eight program and every player can take advantage of this

totally free program to earn all kinds of stuff!

All you do is complete tasks and you earn Pieces of Eight!

*You MUST be a member of our Face Book group to participate!

You can join now if you’re not all ready a member:

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News May 2013

Support World of Pirates & Log In!

We will be running a new advertising campaign to bring in new players to World of Pirates! (Beginning May 6) But, we need your help to make it work! Anytime you see a new name sailing the high seas, make them feel welcome. There is nothing worse then playing a social game and not having anyone to interact with.

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World of Pirates

Live the life of a 17th century pirate in this MMORPG

with fantastic global chat and PVP only dreamed about by other games.

A game of strategy & survival on the high seas. Your game, your choice.

Be a tame trader or be the cut throat pirate who hunts & plunders

the innocent or be the pirate hunter fighting to protect your nation.

World of Pirates is only limited by your imagination!