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  • February 10th, 2015
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ULTRA Spec Pack.

Wages ONLY $200 each specialist and they come with loyalty points!

If you're new (or just tried of searching the map) here's the perfect package for you! The highest possible specialists each come with loyality points and their wages are only $200! The pack contains:

1 Mate +10 Nav, 1.8 Speed bonus, 4.8 Min speed bonus.

1 Look out 990/990

1 Fisher No sails 14, Half sails 9, Full Sails 4

1 cook 4.9

No minimum nav needed to take these guys! Allow up to 48 hours for delivery. You must be in game to get these. Insured for 24 hours.

Product in stock

Old Price: $21.95

Price: $9.49

You save: $12.46

DE: €8.34


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