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I’m Sick of Winter

Don’t miss the “I’m Sick of Winter” events this Saturday & Sunday!


German Trivia; 1:00pm EST / 19:00 Germany. Ends 2:30pm EST / 20:30 Germany.

Five million game gold for each correct answer! Gold is paid within 24 hours after the events end. Person with the highest number of correct answers will be posted in Face Book.

Community Vs. Staff Race: Be in Port Royal no later then 2:45pm EST / 20:45 Germany. Racers will take off at 3:15pm EST / 21:15 Germany in 120 knot Merchants! (try steering those!)  Start and finish at PR! Follow the map! (You MUST stop in each city as shown on the map!) Race prizes are: 1st place $20.00 store code, 2nd place $15.00 store code, 3rd place $10.00 store code.

 Sightseeing Map2 2014

English Trivia: 6:00pm EST /00:00 Germany. Ends 7:30pm EST!

Five million game gold for each correct answer! Gold is paid within 24 hours after the events end. Person with the highest number of correct answers will be posted in Face Book.

The Treasure Fleet will sail at random visiting many towns from noon EST / 18:00 Germany / Until 8:00pm EST / 02:00 Germany. On BOTH Saturday & Sunday! If you see the TF stop and it will record your char name; then send an email to and write “I found the Treasure Fleet” a $15.00 store code will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Don’t miss out on a fun filled day!!!


Community Vs. Staff PVP Challenge! Come on out and raft your favorite staff member! (We will have no special powers to help us.)

Be in the river at Puerto Barrios 1:30PM EST / 19:30 Germany; bring your own wood & cloth, everything goes except NO fencing! We will obviously not supply w&c or ammo; lol.

This is a gang bang! Bring ships you’re not afraid to loose! Winner receives a $25.00 store code! NO TEAMS!

Battle Royal! Come on out to the river at PB and join in a total battle to the raft!

Think you have what it takes to beat your best friend or worst enemy in WoP? Find out

At the battle; Begins one hour after the end of the Community Vs. Staff battle! Approximately 3:30pm EST / 21:30 Germany!

First Place $30.00 store code; Second place $20.00 store code. Good Luck!


*If anyone can run the English Trivia Saturday evening please email we need your help!


Christmas River Race

Start and finish Florida Keys on Sunday 22th December at 21:00 Berlin, 4:00 EST.

You must follow the checkpoints:

Start is at Florida Keys.
1. Stop New Orleans
2. Stop Nuestra
3. Stop Villa Hermosa
4. Stop San carlos
5. Stop Gibraltar
6. Stop San Rafael
7. Stop Barbuda
and back to Florida Keys.

The ships with a crazy speed comes from us.
Three Player can win great Prizes.




The Great Christmas Treasure Hunt!

I’ve got the bugs worked out of the treasure hunt and we’re ready to give it another try. A few of you will remember we tried this about 18 months ago and it only worked out so-so but now it’s great

There are six maps, each map is made up of six pieces, you must have all six pieces to any one map to find the treasure. The Christmas treasures are fantastic! I mean we’re talking $150.00 USD in CASH for your Christmas shopping, One holds 100 PoE’s! One is a box FULL of WoP gear such as; t-shirts, bumper stickers, car magnets, mouse pads, posters and more! (Box value is $130.00 USD!) You wont want to miss out on this treasure hunt, six lucky players will find a treasure and the smallest one is valued at $50.00 USD!  (*Each treasure’s value and its location has been pre determined in writing, the documents are held by Hindenburg and I (Liz) so there is no possibility of
favoritism. The document can be requested by sending an email to support after the completion of the hunt. Obviously, we can’t send this out before the end of the hunt.)
**(Also, if two players show up at the treasure near the same time, the one arriving first will receive the full treasure and the one arriving second will receive a prize of 5 PoE We are able to see who arrives first and second. In the event of an absolute tie (according to server times) we will honor both players as arriving first.

Collecting pieces:
You will receive one free piece with each store purchase between November 10 and December 15th    (includes purchases with PoE or store codes) also the Treasure Fleet will be handing them out at random. You never know when or where! Map pieces will also be used as prizes and given out in flash offers! WATCH Face Book and the Tavern chat!!! **Pieces are sent in an email to you, so please be patient there are only the two of us to email these out.

Best of all; you CAN sell, trade or give map pieces away in game! (Not for RL money.)
Please take advantage of this offer to have fun and interact in game.

Maps A, B, and C are geared toward our Euro players. Maps D, E and F are geared toward North America. The difference is only time; you CAN collect any map you want but be warned the timing for the maps can be at the wee hours of the morning if you’re collecting map pieces that are not geared for your country.

When arriving at the spot you believe the treasure to be you should wait at least 15 minutes to make sure there is no error in timing on our part!

On one piece, to each map, there is a single coordinate such as 14.00 this is not accurate, but it is very close… We wont tell you if it’s North or West, you’ll just have to figure it out.

Finding treasure is not difficult but please use your brain and think it through! If you do not rush, you’ll figure it out!  It’s no fun if things are too easy for you to figure out.

Happy Searching!