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  • November 1st, 2012
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Sloop, ship class 1

If you are rafted and have no ships, that is being build or in harbor, the governor will always give you a 0 upgraded sloop, when entering a port.

 You can build a Sloop in any shipyard.

Price of building a Sloop is 23.000

Maximum 2 upgrades, price per upgrade is 10.000

Total price for full up Sloop is 43.000

To build a Sloop you go into the shipyard and press build.

Select the Sloop and you will be able to see what the Sloop have when it got 0 upgrades.

In the box you can type the name you want your ship to have and then press build ship.


Now go into the dry dock and select the sloop you just started to build, you can now add the upgrades you desire, you can see at the + what you will get for each upgrade.

 On this example 2 x speed is selected.

Then you press charge with yard.


Now your Sloop is being built, you can see when it is done, by holding the curser over the time indicator.

You can see it will take 2 hours  to build the Sloop.

This is 10 minutes real time.


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