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  • November 1st, 2012
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Ship classes and building ships

There are 9 different ship classes in world of pirates.

Most people do maximum speed upgrades on ships they build in the shipyard, except for the trade ships. Here you can compare speed of each ship you can build in shipyard.

Ship/Speed0 speed1 speed2 speed3 speed
Fast Galleon10,71111,211,5
Spanish Galleon1010,110,210,4
War Galleon9,49,69,910,1

The different ship classes, have different wind direction, for gaining maximum speed, learn all about sailing here.

You can also buy ships in the store, that have more upgrades then possible to build in game, buy them here.

As your navigation rises you can sail bigger ship classes, here is a list of when you can sail each ship class. To learn more about navigation click here.

Ship ClassNav.Skill/Cost.Nav. Needed for full speedNav. Required per. Ship
Sloop (c.1)1/313
Pinnace (c.2)8/888
Barque (c.3)16/111611
Fluyt (c.4)24/162416
Merchant (c.5)35/193519
Frigate (c.6)55/225522
Fast Galleon (c.7)65/246524
Spanish Galleon (c.8)80/278027
War Galleon (c.9)100/3010030

You can use the fleet calculator to see how many of each ship you can sail.

And you can use the city list to see where the different ships can build.


Sloop, ship class1                       Pinnace, ship class 2                       Barque, ship class 3

Fluyt, ship class 4                    Merchant, ship class 5                      Frigate, ship class 6

Fast Galleon, ship class 7          Spanish Galleon, ship class 8            War Galleon, ship class 9

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