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  • October 24th, 2012
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Pirate titles and the reputation points needed to get them

Inconvenient Rapscallion-1
Little Bandit at sea-1000
Little Buccaneer-2000
Well-known Buccaneer-3800
Pirateboy Aspirant-6000
Second Class Pirateboy-8800
First Class Pirateboy-11700
Inconvenient Wannabe-Pirate-19100
Tough Wannabe-Pirate-24200
Temporary Pirate-30000
Pirate on Trial-37000
Little Pirate-47000
Well-Known Pirate-100000
Wanted Pirate-500000
Great Pirate-1000000
Dreaded Pirate-10000000
Pirate King/Queen of the Caribbean Sea-1000000000

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