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  • October 20th, 2012
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Trade skill

Your trade skills, is connected to how much you earn on selling ships. So if you intend to capture and sell ships, you need a high trade skill to earn more gold. Also you need up to trade skill 4, to take some deliver jobs.

There is a very simple equation, to find how many trade skill points you need for each level.

level x level x level x 300

Where level is the level you already have. Example if you have trade level 3 and you want to know how many point to get to level 4, you simply type 3 x 3 x 3 x 300 = 8100 points.

You can also see how many points you need, by using the right click menu and click personal. By holding the curser over the line it tells you how many points you have and how many are needed.

You can also see your skill progress in the status bar by holding your curser over the S, if you selected in options, to have your skill progress showed as points, you will see the points you have and how many are needed. If not you will see a line, as you do in personal, just here you cannot hold curser over it, to see the points.


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