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  • October 12th, 2012
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There are various clans in world of pirates, many of them fight for different agendas.

It is possible to join an existing clan or you can create a new clan with your mates.

To join an existing clan, it is a good idea to talk to some of the current members or the clan leader, before asking to join the clan. You can ask for an invite or ask to join by using the right click menu and pressing team/clan and then clan. In the 2 boxes you have to type in clan tag and clan name and then press join the clan. Or you can use the command /clanjoin clantag


To create your own clan you need to get six people or more who want to create the clan.

You need the six people or more in a team together, with no players that already is in a clan.

You need to get the team to level thirteen for clan foundation. Learn about team here.

The team leader is the person who will become the clan leader when the clan can be created.

When the team is level thirteen, the team leader uses the right click menu and presses team/clan and then clan or the command /clancreate

In the same two boxes as you use for clan join, the team leader type in the desired clan tag and clan name and then press create clan.

If the clan tag and name is not in use or close to an already used tag or name, the clan will be created.

When you join or created a clan, you will get some new options in the right click menu under team/clan.

When you press clan you get a description of the clan.

Clan tag, is the tag you see beside player name.

Clan name, is the name of the clan and you will be able to see it under city names, when an clan member capture a city.

Join status, can be private or public, to change it, the clan leader can use the command /clanprivate or /clanpublic

At leader, you can see who is the clan leader, the clan leader can invite people to the clan with the command /claninvite name or kick members from the clan with the command /clankick name

Note that all clan invites has to be accepted by the invited player and if clan is private, all clan join requests has to be accepted by the clan leader. If clan is public everyone can join without being accepted.

At members you can see all the clan members or you can in chat use the command /clanmembers to get a list of clan members in the chat.

Currently there isn’t a vote running, means no vote is ongoing in the clan. You can start a vote to elect a new clan leader, with the command /clanvoteleader

Where after members have to vote, if they want to keep the current clan leader or not.

Clan leader can also change the clan leader with the command /clansetleader name

You can leave a clan by pressing leave clan or use the command /clanleave

Under clan message, you can see when clan member capture a city and how much gold it cost to pay for the soldiers.

You can also see if a hostile clan captured a city from the clan.

Learn more about city capture here.


The clan also got a clan bank, you will be able to see the gold that is in the clan bank, when you go into a city that has a bank.

You cannot withdraw gold from the clan bank, only add gold to it.

There is no tax on clan bank gold.

The clan bank will pay for soldiers, in cities the clan has captured.

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