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  • October 12th, 2012
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The maximum skills an officer can have are:

Boarding defense: Excellent

For ship class: (4-9)

Officers boarding defense and what ship condition %, you can be boarded at.

Excellent: 40%

Very good 50%

Good: 60%

Moderate: 70%

Bad: 80%

No officer: 90%

Ship class is what ship class the officer is for, you can only have officer for ship class four to nine. Ship class one to three is only protected till 90% no matter if you got an officer or not.

You can only have one officer, so you have to decide what ship class you want to have protected the most, the ship classes the officer is not for, from class four to nine will be protected to half of what the officer does at the ship class it is for.

You cannot buy an officer at the store.


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