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  • October 12th, 2012
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The maximum skills a fisher can have are:

Fishing without sailing: 14

At half sails: 9

At full sails: 4

The fishing without sailing means you need to have sails down to fish up to 14. At half sails means when you are sailing with half sails you can fish up to 9. At full sails means you are sailing with all sails up and can fish up to 4.

It can be hard to find a fisher with maximum at all three, but luckily you do not really need the without sailing and half sails, as most time you sail with full sails.

The amount of fishers you need depend on your maximum crew, the more crew you got, the more they eat and the more fishers you need.

To set your fishers you need to use the right click menu and go into crew.

Here at the bottom of the window you can see food deposit, which tells you have long you have food for and under that you can set your fisher to fish until ca. here you put in the number of food you want them to keep on your fleet at all time.

You can also turn them off and on, by pressing the fish in the quick bar at top of your screen.


At the store you can buy packs of fishers, with maximum in all three skills. Buy them here.

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