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  • October 12th, 2012
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The maximum skills a cannoneer can have are:

Weapon skill: 7

Fencing skill 7

Cannon range bonus: 198

Firepower: 19

The weapon skill adds up to +7 to your weapon skill. The fencing skill adds up to +7 to your fencing skill. The cannon range up to 198, is how far you can shoot your cannonballs. Firepower add up to 19 to your firepower.

It can be hard to find a cannoneer in game with maximum in more than one skill, this means you need to find three cannoneers as you will get the best skills from each of them.

One with weapon skill 7.

 You can hire a soldier to get fencing skill 7, but if you find a cannoneer with fencing skill 7 you do not need to hire soldier.

One with cannon range 198.

One with firepower 19.

At the store you can buy a perfect cannoneer with maximum in all four skills, this means you do not need to hire a soldier. Buy it here.

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