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  • October 9th, 2012
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City Hall

When you press city hall you get the news, here you can see when the city had lack of different goods and when the lack ended and if a player sunk or fenced ships near the port.


When you press jobs you get a list of all the different jobs types you can do. When pressing the job type you want you get up to 13 different jobs of that type to choose from. Most jobs require different titles at the nation the city is and different skills, to be able to take the job.

Learn more about jobs here.


When you press diplomacy you get the diplomacy of the city, here you can see what nationality the inhabitants have, which is the original nation of the city.

What nationality the city got, this will change when a city is captured. Learn all about city capture here.

Relations to other nations, is the current war status of the nation the city is. War status changes randomly.

Learn more here.

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