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  • October 9th, 2012
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In world of pirates it can be a really good idea to join a team or start one and invite other players to join it.

You can start a team in the right click menu under team/clan by clicking create team, where after you get a window like this. Or use the command /teamcreate

Here you can see all the team members, when more joins the team and you can type name in the box and press invite the player, to invite more to the team or use the command /teaminvite name

If a player is already in a team or absent, you will get a message telling you so.

You can also leave team by pressing leave team or by typing /teamleave

If you are team leader and you leave team without giving the team lead to someone else, than the new team leader, will be the first player in the members list.

If you go afk you can use the command /afk this means you cannot get the team lead, unless only players who used the afk command left in team.

If you are team leader, you can kick others from the team with the command /teamkick name

If you are team leader, you can also change who is team leader with the command /teamleader name

You can get a list of the team members in the chat, with the command /teammembers

If you desire to join a team, you can ask for a team or if you know an already ongoing team, you can use the command /teamjoin team_name Here the name is the name of the team leader.

Note that all team invites has to be accepted by the player who got invited and every team join request have to be accepted by the team leader.

Team Level and bonuses

For each level the team increases, you gain more bonuses. You need to be at least two people in the team, for it to increase level.

Team level increases as long at least one team member is at sea. Level one to nine, will increase level every ten minute. Level nine to thirteen will increase level every thirty minute.

When someone joins the team, it will decrease with one level.

If you had level thirteen for longer than thirteen minutes and someone joins the team, it will decrease to level twelve, but shortly after increase to level thirteen again.

Level 1: Common ship attack

This means that if a team mate fence a ship, you are able to team board the ship to add more crew to help your team mate.

Level 2: +5% Reputation points by own nation

This means when you shoot or sink ships you get 5% more reputation points at own nation, then without team.

Level 3: +5% Booty gold

This means you get more gold when fencing ships or cities, to share with your team mates.

Level 4: +5% Fire power

This means you get 5% more firepower when shooting ships, so you more easily can sink them.

Level 5: +5% Less ship condition damage by hostile fire

This means when you get shoot by other ships, your flag ship losses 5% less condition.

Level 6: +5% Less cannon damage by hostile fire

This means you lose 5% less cannons on your fleet when shoot by other ships.

Level 7: +5% Less crew loss by hostile fire

This means you lose 5% less crew when shoot by other ships.

Level 8: +5% Less crew loss during team sword fight

This means that if your team mate fence a ship and you join the fence to help him, you loss 5% less crew.

Level 9: Everything increased to 10%

This means everything from level two to eight get increased to 10% instead of 5%

Level 10: +20% Less damage by fort fire

This means you lose 20% less condition on your flag ship, when shoot by a forted city.

Level 11: +20% Fire power during city attack

This means you do 20% more damage to soldiers in the city, when shooting a city.

Level 12: Common city attack

This means your team mates can team fence a city, to help you with their crew.

Level 13: Clan Foundation

This means you can make a clan, if all criteria are meet. Learn more about clan here.

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