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  • October 5th, 2012
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Status Bar

You have much info on the status bar at the bottom of your screen.

First you have a little guy, if he is red starting from the bottom it means you are not at full condition. If you move your

curser over him you will see your current condition, out of your total condition. Learn more about condition here.

Flag is the flag of your nation, if you put your curser over it,

you will get a box with your nations relations and when it was

last updated. The flag will flash with green when you make good reputation

for your nation and with red when you make bad reputation. Learn more about nations here.

The S in a box is skill progress, the s will light up with different colors as you get points for different skills.

When you get to a new level the box will turn red.

You can put your curser over it and get a box will you skill progress as a line or as point,

depending what you choose in options.

The T in a box is team, when team level up, the box turn red.

You can put your curser over it to see your current team level. Learn more about team here.

At actions you can see beside “Action” what mode you are on. X with red over cannons means ignore.

Barrels is trade mode. Used for entering port, trading other ships or picking up flotsam at sea.

 Cannon is cannon mode and the red will slide away from the cannons as they load, when all red gone from cannons they

ready to fire. When there is a shield at the cannon, you cannot shoot own nation,

press the key for cannon mode one more time to remove the shield.

Swords is fence mode and used for fencing other ships or city. When there is a shield at the swords, you cannot fence own

nation or cities, press the key for fence mode one more time to remove the shield.

If you put your curser over the place where the x is, there pop up a text telling you what mode you are in.

 Beside action mode you got cannons out of total cannons and after that you got what ammunition you are on,

if there is 3 cannon balls you are on standard,

if this grey group of small balls you are on shatter and if an explosion is there you are on

explosive ammunition. If you put your curser over it a text pop up with name of the ammunition you are on.

Beside that you got how much ammunition out of total.

Your speed you can see at the kn. And beside it is the speed help that will turn green if you got optimal wind, for gaining

good speed, it will turn red in shallow water. Learn more about sailing here.

The jar indicates your cargo hold,

beside it you can see how many cargo room you are using out of your total cargo rooms.

If you hold your curser over the jar you can see how many goods you have,

how many cargo rooms your packages uses and how long you got food for.

The crew, is your crew moral, it is dark green when good moral, light green when not so good,

yellow when it is getting badand red when your crew is about to commit mutiny.

Beside it you can see your amount of crew out of how many crew you

can have. If you hold your curser over the crew you can see what your crew moral exactly is.

+100 is the best you can get and at -100 your crew mutiny and takes your ship.

The gold coin indicates your gold, beside it you can see how much gold you have on your ships. If you hold your curser

over the gold coin you can see gold on ships and gold in bank.

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