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  • October 3rd, 2012
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Team / Clan

Click here for full team or clan guide.

When you click team/clan you first get to the team part.

Here you can join a team by typing in the team name and click join the team, here after the

team leader of that team must accept you to join.

Or you can use the command to join a team /teamjoin team_name

Or you can create a team that you then will be the team leader of.

You can invite people to your team by entering their name in the box and click invite

the player or use the command /teaminvite name

Also you got the option to leave the team if you desire.

When you are in a clan you can press clan and see the details for your clan.Clan tag, that is shown on each player in the clan.

Clan name, it will show up on city when the clan owns it.

Join status, if its private people have to ask to join or be invited by the clan leader with the command /claninvite name

People can ask to join with the command /clanjoin clan_name Leader shows who got the clan lead.

Members shows who is member of the clan, will be a (online) next to online members.

Clan messages shows what is being paid for cities the clan owns and if someone captured a city from the clan,

it will show up here as well.


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