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  • October 3rd, 2012
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When you press fleet you get to the overview where you can see how many cannons

and what ammunition you have with you.

If needed, you can jettison weapons at sea.

At the bottom you can see how many ships you got in your current fleet.

Min.Nav.Skill shows how much navigation (nav) you minimum need to sail your fleet out of your total nav.

Nav.Cost shows how much of your nav you are using out of your toal nav.

Pass.Cabins shows how many cabins you are using out of your total cabins.

Anchor fee total is how much gold you pay per wop day in anchor fees.

Always repair fleet if possible is something you should have ticked, to be able to repair at sea when possible.

When you press ship list you get an overview of your current fleet, by pressing a ship you get a

detailed description of the ship at the bottom of the window.

Here you can force repair onto the selected ship, if you are able to repair it.

It is also here you can choose to leave a ship behind, due to over nav or it is too

damaged and you desire to leave it at sea.

When you pressed leave ship behind you get a new window where you can do a fast drop without transshipping, where it

takes % of all your stuff and very fast leave it with the ship at sea. Note all crew stay on your fleet,

when leaving a ship like this, unless it is your last ship.

Or you can select the different things you want to leave with the ship, and press leave ship behind,

where after a line will appear showing the time it takes to leave it behind. Not recommended when enemy nearby.

When you are in the ship list you can choose to click the little house to be able to see the ships you got in cities.

Here it will show a little red anchor if they are moored and by holding the curser over it you can see the anchor fee.

If they are getting build or is done building, it will also show up here, so it’s an easy way to check condition of ships that

is moored or if a ship is done being build.You can also see the ships you left in repair.

By clicking a ship you get detailed description of it at bottom of the window.

You can click the little ship to get back to your current fleet.

If you click cargo you can see what cargo you got with you.

It is possible to unload a few items or use unload all at the bottom, if you desire to jettison some or all of your goods.


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