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  • October 3rd, 2012
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When you click Maps in the menu you get a window with the map,

you can click and drag to see differentlocations on the map.

You can put the curser over a city on the map and you get the description of it.

You can also click a waypoint on the map to have a pointer to show where about to sail,

to get to the location and how farthere is, as you can see on this picture in top right corner.

For full map with all cities and coordination click her.

At the bottom of the map you have options to have Waypoints, City flags and Enemies on or off.

Also you got option to zoom in on the map, when you zoom to x4 or x8 it will only show the uncovered parts of the map,

where you have not discovered yet the map will be black.

Center map is used to go back so your location on the map is in the center if possible,

as if you are at the edge of map you cannot be totally in center.

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