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  • October 3rd, 2012
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When you press Logs/Cities you get the Diary where you can see some of your last actions.

It shows what cities you visit.

It shows if you lost a ship. And it shows the sword fights you had.

When you press Jobs you can see what jobs you have, by pressing on the jobs,

you get a job description at the bottom of the window.

By pressing the red X at the job you can delete a job if you do not desire to complete it.

You can press the City list to get a list of all the cities you discovered.

There is a filter at the top where you can type in a letter to more easily find the city in the list you are looking for.

When you press a city, you get the city info at bottom of the window.

Here you can press the crossed swords to get info if you own the city.

The barrels shows you what goods and prices the city had last you visit it.

The little house shows consumption and  production.

The buoy is to add or remove a city from waypoint list. It can be used in case you forgot to add a city to waypoint list,

when you discovered it. When it got the red x, it is on the waypoint list, but if it is not in waypoint list,

a little green arrow will point to the buoy.

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