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  • April 1st, 2012
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World of Pirates Support

Read me first!

Chronic disconnects and ‘lag’ are usually caused by a lack of pc maintenance. Learn how to properly care for you computer here.Works with nearly any operating system; directions differ some what in Windows 7 and MAC.

Get help!

Email is answered as soon as possible; usually within six hours.

Advanced System Care is recommended by World of Pirates to fix nearly all pc issues quickly and it’s free! Download here!

We will do our best to assist you with your pc issues. Please describe the problem in detail and include your OS (Operating System) browser, ram and video card if any.To get this information you can:right click on “Computer” or “My Computer” select “properties” on the bottom. Send us the information you see in the general tab.

Yes! World of Pirates works on Windows 7 and most operating systems!

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Every day that you use your pc:
Defrag your hard drive! This keeps program fragments from slowing down your pc and causing
Start > Computer (or My Computer in Windows XP) right click once on ‘local disk C’ select
‘properties’ on the bottom of the sub menu, select ‘tools’ tab, click on ‘defragment now.’ In a well
maintained pc a defrag will take on average of four minutes. In a poorly maintained system a defrag
can take as long as two hours! Windows Vista takes much longer though.  I defrag my pc twice a day
even when I’ve used it less then a few hours. Avoid using “Analyze” it will usually just say you do not
need to defrag as it is only set to tell you to use Defrag when your pc is all ready in trouble! Kind of
like idiot lights in vehicles. You want to avoid the trouble & not wait for it to be too late!

Twice a week:
Disk Cleanup.
Start > Computer (or My Computer in Windows XP) right click once on ‘local disk C’ select
‘properties’ on the bottom of the sub menu; when the box appears you will see “Disk Clean Up” near
the bottom of the pie chart. Let it run, in a well maintained pc it will take approximately three minutes
to gather the information, longer in Widows Vista, up to ten minutes. Once it has gathered the info
make sure all the boxes on the left are checked then click “ok” then “Yes” it will complete on its own.

*Do not compress your drive to save space unless it is a last resort!

Three times a week:
Cleaning out your cachet
Start > Control Panel > double click on “Internet Options” a box appears called “Internet Properties”
on the General tab (it should be the tab it opened in) click on “Delete” under ‘browsing history’ > then
click on ‘delete’ again in the second box when it opens. You will have to wait up to five minutes for it
to complete.

In the “Internet Properties” box you can click on the “security” tab and look below, the little slider on
the left should be set at “medium high.” Now click the “Privacy” tab; that slider should be set at
“medium”. Be sure to click on ‘apply’ and ‘ok’ or the settings will not change!
Now look below the privacy tab settings, be sure the “pop up blocker” is not checked. Pop up blocker
will not only stop pop-up’s it can stop some programs from running as well. If you can’t stand the pop
up’s then go ahead and check that box.
Now click “apply” and “ok” in your Internet Properties” box.

Monthly Error Checking
Start > My Computer > (“Computer” in Windows Vista) right click ONCE on “local disk C”  then left
click once on “Properties” on the bottom of the list. On the top click on the Tools tab. Under “Error
Checking” Click “Check now” > Click to place a check mark in both boxes on the left > Click start >
Click “yes” click “ok” > exit My Computer. Restart pc. It will take approximately two to five hours
for the scan to complete. Do not interrupt the scan!

PC not acting right?
You can run a fast fix by following these directions: In XP: Start>Run>
Type in: chkdsk /f (notice there is a space after chkdsk and before /f
Now click ok. A DOS based program box appears, hit y (which is yes to the DOS program) then hit
enter. Now restart your pc. A program will begin to run that looks like scan disk or error checker,
which it is, only a smaller version for fast fixes.
When it is done defrag your pc. If the pc is still acting up shut it down through the start button (never
shut down via the power button unless you absolutely must) leave the pc turned off for three minutes
and then start it up again. PC’s can repair themselves if they are shut down long enough for the hard
disk to quit spinning.
If you are still having problems you can go through the entire maintenance list above. It’s a good idea
to try everything.

It can be unfortunate that Pc’s can repair them selves because sometimes they make setting changes
that are not appropriate for your pc and it causes more trouble. PC’s were given too much power over
their environment for their own good.

WOP issues
Most memory issues, lag and crashes are caused on the player’s side. It is usually caused by running
programs while playing WOP.

To stop these problems you need to turn off everything you do not need to play WOP I know many
players run chat programs such as MSN or Team Speak, these programs will suck up your available
memory and lag your game!

You need to close all programs that are running in your task bar and then open the task manager;
ctrl+alt+delete (at the same time) and in there “end process” of any program u do not need to run your

If you do not know which ones to keep running you can go to Google and type in what you see in
Task Manager. Such as avgamsvr.exe would be AVG Anti virus, you do not need to have an anti virus
program running on your PC to play wop. Actually all anti virus programs will slow down your game.
Also, when you restart your pc all of these programs will come back and be fully functional.

I have an HP printer so I know anything that starts with HP is my printer so I end that process. You
don’t need printer drivers running when you play WOP. So anything like scanners, cameras, etc can
be closed.

In control panel>Security Center turn off Windows fire wall and automatic updates. Make sure you do
not have any Pop-Up blockers running!

Also disable sticky-keys which you do not need anyway.
To disable sticky keys:

1. Press SHIFT 5 times consecutively. The Sticky Keys box will pop up.

2. On the “Keyboard” tab click the “Settings” button in the “Sticky Keys” section.

3. Un check all the items in this window and click OK.

4. Click Apply and OK on Accessibility Options.

This will disable the dialog popup as well as this feature (which nobody uses anyways).

Have you followed Cedryk’s directions in Help & Support? The topic title is Optimizing your
computer for world of pirates. Check that out his information is excellent!

Also, running fraps will cause your memory to bottom out quickly! Don’t run it unless you really need

Make sure you run; Disk Clean-up and Defrag C drive before starting WOP  Run a GOOD anti-spy
ware program at least once a week, more often is even better! Don’t forget to turn on your anti-virus
program when you log off of WOP

Anti Virus Programs and firewalls
These programs are not necessary to play WOP and only cause more trouble then they are worth.
However, many of the newer versions of anti-virus programs now have an option for gaming! Go into
your anti-virus program’s options and look for something you can check for gaming. Turning off fire
walls can help but you must remember to turn them back on as soon as you log out of World of
Pirates! Fire walls protect your information and your computer and are necessary!

Windows Update can be done manually anytime you feel like updating your OS but to have it
updating when your trying to do something else on your pc is nothing but a headache and it will
disconnect you from any game. You can turn it off: Control Panel>Security center>Automatic updates
(on the bottom) be sure to click on ‘apply’ for it to take effect and remember to update your system
every month or two:-)

The best anti-virus program I know of is AVG anti-virus. This program is designed to allow you to
freely use your pc while programs like Norton Anti-virus do nothing but clog your pc and isn’t friendly
with most software.
You can download AVG at  it is 100% free!