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  • April 1st, 2012
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Fast Tips

Fast Tips to get started in

World of Pirates right now!

1, Never “cast off” the tutorial ship! Stay on it and follow the tutorial until it finishes or you will have to delete the character and
start all over. The tutorial is only 15 minutes long (approximately) so it isn’t so long that you need to try to cancel it.

2. Press C on your keyboard in game to open the chat window; on top you will see tabs that you can click on, for questions and
live help ask in “Newbie Help” channel. If no one replies to you try your question in the “Tavern” channel. Normally there are
staff and players in game who are always willing to help you out:-)

3. Use the > right and left < arrow keys to turn or you can use your mouse. To select press N on your keyboard. The sword means
you’re sailing with your arrow keys, the ships wheel means you are sailing with your mouse.
Most people prefer to sail only with the arrow keys but everyone has a personal preference.

4.To raise/lower sails press the up or down arrow on your keyboard.

5. To raise/lower your anchor press P on your keyboard.

6. To enter a city press 2 on your keyboard and ram the city. When you’re in the city click on “Town” and then click on “City Hall”
and then “Jobs” look for “Deliver Letter” jobs that have the green dot; this means you can take them. These jobs give you
additional navigation bonus points!  When you first start out you can only take one job at a time but as your nav grows you can
take more and more jobs at a time. Eventually you will be able to take 22 jobs at one time.

*Keep your gold in the bank! Otherwise the pirates will steal it away from you! Jobs pay you gold and gold is what you need along
with nav:)

7. SAIL! To get started in World of Pirates you need to do a lot of sailing and gain navigation points (referred to in game as ‘Nav’.)
in order to gain nav you need to sail a great deal. However, stay within your own noob waters (nation waters) until you’re big
enough to safely sail the map. For each person that is a different level; but at least nav 20

8. You can easily outrun the NPC’s (non player characters) be sure to sail in a straight line; any turning or variation from a
straight line will slow you down enough for them to catch you! NPC’s are recognized by the [ ] around their names, such as [Evil

9. Get the map! You can’t find your way around very well without it. Get it here: open it up and right click; save to your pc. Many
of us have printed it out as two 8.5″ x 11″ photos and then taped it together and keep it by our desks for quick reference.

*You can find a list of cities in alphabetical order here:

10. Press M to open your wind rose (top left) and the mini map with the World of Pirates date/time and your latitude & longitude;
you will see it on the top right. M will toggle through them but it is best to have both displayed at all times.

*If you see a “Noob Assistant” in game they have a clan especially for you to help you grow quickly in the game. Their assistance
ends when you reach 50 nav.

11. Press q or e to fire cannons and press shift+1 or 2 or 3 to switch the ammo you are using.
Ammo: 1. Standard (does equal damage to ship and crew)  2.Shatter  (damages crew; less damage to ships.)  3. Explosive (More
damage to ship then crew.)

12. Sail at right angles to the wind! Watch your speed indicator; you want it to be green when ever possible but when you have
no choice but to sail into the wind try turning so that the wind is pushing you on a right angle with full sails; hold this position for
at least 20 seconds and then drop one sail and turn back into the wind. This should give you a speed boost to help you keep
going. You will probably have to do this every two minutes of sailing when sailing against the wind.

13. To change button assignments right click on the game and select “Options” on the bottom of the menu. Here you can turn off
saving in port or the tips on the top of your game, etc.

No one ever dies in World of Pirates, you simply loose your ships, crew/specialists. Starting over is pretty simple if you’ve got
what it takes; courage and the ability to just have fun!

We welcome your questions. Just
email us any time!