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Get FREE Stuff!

 For new and returning Players:

When you reach nav (navigation) level 20 (for returning players you must have been away from WoP for six consecutive months.) just send an email to:

include your character’s name and request your FREE gift! You will receive a set of two 50 speed up sloops, one million in game gold and 10 PoE to use like cash in the World of Pirates store! Sloops are insured & are replaced free for ten days from date of delivery. Only one entire noob pack per Account.

Please allow 24 hours for delivery.  Speed sloops when combined with deliver letter jobs will increase your ability to gain nav points dramatically! You’ll be able to reach nav 100 quickly.

Want More Gold?

Join our Face Book group at: and we’ll give you five million game gold free! After you send the request to join please send us an email and include the name you use on Face Book and your characters name. We will then approve your membership and add the gold to your account! It’s free & easy the way it should be. *We do not approve new members without receiving an email from them as we do not want non players joining our group.

Thank-you for playing!

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