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Pieces of Eight

Program guide & details.

How about earning free store items, codes and real cash?

It’s called the Pieces of Eight program and every player can take advantage of this

totally free program to earn all kinds of stuff!

All you do is complete tasks and you earn Pieces of Eight!

*You MUST be a member of our Face Book group to participate!

You can join now if you’re not all ready a member:



To claim your pieces please send an email to, include your real name, character name and state what tasks you completed. We will send you a statement with your total number of pieces. Please try to send in your claim each time you complete a task if possible. There is no time limit on cashing in your pieces, you can save them for a year or more if you want toJ

Each piece is worth .50 cents (USD) or about .38 Euros CASH

Or receive $1.00 (USD) in store codes for each piece!

Exchange your Pieces of Eight for:

Cash via PayPal (if the country you reside in does not allow PayPal you must accept a store code instead.)

Or exchange them for store codes! You get more in store codes then cash!

10 pieces of Eight = 10.00 (USD) store code, 20 pieces is worth $20.00 (USD) store code and so onJ

Special offers will occur randomly you MUST check our Face Book group page often for special offers!

The Legal Junk…

*Please no cheating! We track IP addresses & we can clearly see “second accounts” we can see your log in times & log in history. Cheating will only result in a 30 day ban of all of your WoP accounts.

We’re offering higher piece pay-outs for August then usual since this is our ‘grand opening’ for the program.

Program offers & payments will change from month to month.

In the event the program has to be cancelled or World of Pirates is shut down, all players holding Pieces of Eight statements will be paid in full via PayPal within 30 days.

World of Pirates will do it’s best to send players their earnings, cash or store code in a timely manner. Due to our bare bones staff & work loads, please allow up to 7 days to receive your payment from the date you request it.

Requests for payment must be in writing (email) sent to

Include your real name, character name, statement number and what payment type you would like: cash or store code.

You agree to NOT hold us liable for any errors we make, because you know we do make mistakes but we happily fix them as soon as you inform us. We are not a typical business. World of Pirates is supported & managed by it’s tiny community and has no assets whatsoever. (In English; we’re to poor to be sued lol.)

We hope you will enjoy the Pieces of Eight program

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