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August Event 2013

Don’t miss the HOTTEST summer event!

We’re celebrating summer in a big way this year!
You’ve all ready seen the store sale with prices lower then we’ve ever offered before.
We also will be holding a race & PVP event on Sunday 11, August 2013

Then you’ll find yourself racing an insane route around the Antillen in 550 speed upped pinnances! (good luck steering them… lol)  to be in the race you MUST sign up no later then Friday August 9, 2013 as we have to create each pinnace by hand. On the route you must pick up and deliver 250 cigars to any of the green characters at the race finish. You can not turn in more then 250 or less then 250 cigars, it must be an exact number.

Race begins at 2:00pm (EST) 20:00 Germany / 19:00 London start and finish at Port of Spain.

Race prizes are:

1st place $40.00 store code

2nd place $25.00 store code

3rd place $15.00 store code


At the end of the race there will be an all out PVP gangbang in the pinnances, last player afloat wins,

or last player to be rafted wins a $30.00 USD store code!

The Treasure Fleet will sail at random visiting many towns from noon EST / 18:00 Germany / 17:00 London until 6:00pm EST / 24:00 Germany / 23:00 London.

Don’t miss out on a fun filled day!!!

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