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This Sunday! May 12th

Come and pit your skills against the Game Masters! Be the first to kill off TheSinkingShip! LOL

Lets see what you have! PVP only; No fencing! No gang bangs; these are 1v1 only till the end of the matches and then there will be a total gang bang!  Ships will be supplied!

Be at PB (Puerto Barrios)  at 2:00pm EST/ 11:00am Pacific/ 8:00pm [20:00] Germany. 7:00pm [19:00] London. Please arrive at least 20 minutes PRIOR to start time! Leave your ships in the harbor.

Two totally awesome prizes will be given away to the 2 best overall PVP’ers!

To enter please sign your name in the Face Book post and include the GM you prefer to PVP. (PVP’ing Liz will last approximately 15 seconds before she’s rafted, so consider that a quickie PVPJ

At the end of the PVP matches there will be a FREE FOR ALL! You will be given more ships if you’re below 4 and everyone will enter the river for one insane PVP match; All Vs. All!

Winner of the final Free For All receives a great prize too!

Happy Killing!

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