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News May 2013

Support World of Pirates & Log In!

We will be running a new advertising campaign to bring in new players to World of Pirates! (Beginning May 6) But, we need your help to make it work! Anytime you see a new name sailing the high seas, make them feel welcome. There is nothing worse then playing a social game and not having anyone to interact with.


I know many of you worry about spy’s or second characters, but trust me they are so rare now days that it is no longer a concern. The last time I even saw a spy character was a month ago & all he ever did was sit in George Town anyway. Spy characters do not seem to sail so it should be the least of your concerns.

We need new players and we have to find a way to keep them once they register! We can get many new players in a few weeks time but none stay very long. I think making them feel comfortable in the game is job one and this job belongs to the community. I can’t be every where and do everything, you guys need to help out too! After all WoP belongs to all of us. It is you, the players who keep it alive! Let’s make it a major endeavor to get old players to log in and new players to stick around!

If we can find a way to get our numbers back up a lot more fun can be had in the game.

You can help by growing your own enemies! LOL Seriously though, who ever you help in game today could very well be the person you’ll be battling six months from now. More PVP = more fun!

More players = more money which means an update!!! I so want a good update! Like you I too am tired of the same old thing, I don’t have to play WoP to understand how desperately we need an update! I am trying to get one for the Halloween event but I can’t make any promises as it boils down to time, programmers & money. *Sigh* it is sad that WoP costs so much but lets face it, all games are costly. I would hate to think how much it costs to manage World of Warcraft for one month! I bet the price is astronomical!

At least we don’t have to spend a million dollars a month to run WoP, we’re fortunate in a way that it is a lot cheaper then a major game.

For those of you who do not know, we got a hold of the income tax return for VCO (Voyage Century Online) this is public information here in the USA so we got a copy and they ended the year 2011 with an income of 13.5 MILLION dollars! Thank God we have 0 debt! Obviously we’re doing better then VCO in that regard as we have no debt what so everJ I pay cash up front for everything to keep WoP from ever having any debt.

With that said, I am still trying to figure out how we can get 200 players in game at prime time and at least 50 during the ‘off’ hours. We can do this but I need ideas I think! Maybe you have thought of something I have not! You know how to reach me. I read the support mail many times each day.

Not long ago a player accused me of using ideas submitted by players… I found that very odd because why even bother to send in your ideas if we never used them? What good is the community if we don’t listen?

We are still in desperate need of a highly skilled programmer, who has experience in game programming and must have skills in the programming language Java and C++. He/she must know the mysql database server software SQL. Most that I have interviewed are looking for around $40.00 USD per hour or about 500% more money then WoP earns…

Since April 15th (approximately) we have seen nearly 0 store sales, please do not forget WoP when you’re out & about this spring/summer. I know many of you leave your keyboards for the pool parties, the beach, camping, hiking, motorcycles & bicycles but WoP has to keep going while you’re out doing all that fun stuff, don’t let it pass away!

We all need to log in more and that includes me so I will do my part and sail but you have to log-in too! Together we can keep WoP going till people return to their keyboards when the weather gets too cold out.

Thank-you for all you do to help WoP! We have an awesome community because of you!




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