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The May sail 2013

The May Sail SUNDAY MAY 19th!

The May Sail is a race between the green World of Pirates staff and the players. Anyone is allowed to enter the race. Special ships for the race will be supplied before the start of the race.

NO FENCING is allowed!

Please arrive in Bermuda a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the race & harbor your personal fleet in the harbor. We will give you your racing fleet. Race ships will have 0 cannons.

The race will start at 2:00pm EST/ 11:00am Pacific/ 8:00pm [20:00] Germany.

7:00pm [19:00] London.

You know the rules; don’t do anything stupid! No cheating! No interfering with the race, racers or staff. You MUST come within 2 NM of each city on the race route! You will be watched of course.

First 3 green and the first 3 players to complete the race are the official winners! Meaning there are two winners for each place; one green & one player. This will keep it fair in case green takes all the prizes, we don’t want this to happen. With that said there are players out there who can out-sail a greenie

1st place = 25.00 USD store code

2nd place = 20.00 USD store code

3rd place = 15.00 USD store code

*At the end of the race you must return the race ships to any green character.

If one is busy try the next one.

Approximately 30 minutes after the race ends the Treasure Fleet will run the SAME route starting in Bermuda! It is chuck full of store codes! All you need to do it bump it; no need to trade. When you bump the TF your character name is recorded and we will know we owe you a store code You MUST send an email to: to claim your code!!! We can not take the time to look up every email address, we don’t have enough staff to do this. Please state the name of your character in the email and in the subject line write “TF” and we will reply with your code.

Thanks to all of you for making these events so much fun! I hope to see at least 20 players in the race! Please don’t let me down

Happy Sailing!





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