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Raffle Mania


World of Pirates one time ONLY Raffle Mania!
Live in game Sunday April 7, 2013
Don’t miss out

20% of all money earned goes to the player’s convention fund!

Check out these awesome prizes!

Grand Prize:

Four 100 speed up sloops with 6 months of free replacement insurance! or a sixty (US) dollar gift code.


Second number called:
A set of two 100 speed sloops with 3 months of free replacement insurance. Or a forty (US) dollar gift code.


Third number called:
An entire fleet of twelve 7 speed upped (26 cannon) War Galleons or a thirty (US) dollar gift code.


Forth, fifth & sixth number called:

The Pirate’s goblet or a twenty (US) dollar gift code.
Or you can pick the
mystery adventure  This item is not for sale & can only be won.


Seventh number called:

The Pirate’s alarm clock/radio & MP3 (USB) or a twenty (US)
dollar gift code.


Eighth number called:

The Pirate’s throw blanket or a twenty (US) dollar gift code.


Ninth, tenth & eleventh number called:

One of our totally awesome Pirate flags!  No choice. Or a ten (US) dollar gift code.


Twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth number called:

You get to choose one of any of the following:

The Pirate’s knife set or the Pirate’s desk companion:

Or the Pirate’s way of keeping his wench happy (choose one).


Fifteenth number called:

Choose one; the World of Pirates mouse pad or the World of Pirates t-shirt!


Good Luck!




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