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Live Auction March 2013

Live Auction Sunday March 10th (1:30 PM EST. 10:30AM Pacific. 19:30 Germany. 18:30 England.)

All bids must be in USD (U.S. Dollars.) Be sure you go to a good currency converter such as:

Please figure out how much you can afford to bid on each item (that you want to bid on) and convert your funds to USD.  As an example, if you want to bid up to 10,00 Euros on a set of ships, the conversion would be $13.07 USD

After the auction you will receive an email from the World of Pirates PayPal account with an invoice for your total. Please pay this invoice within three days.
If you do not pay for your winnings your accounts will be perma-banned for ten days because this is totally unfair to players who were actually going to pay for their bids! I don’t like the idea of ‘punishment’ but you can obviously see how people not
Paying can really mess up this auction idea. If it works out well and players like it we can hold one maybe 2 to 4 times a year just for sh*ts & giggles:-o

100% of any money raised will go into the player assistance funds for the US and Euro conventions. We have players who would love to attend one but have no money so we are doing our best to help people to attend (WoP is not and never will be about money! Extra money will always go back to the players in the form of prizes, gifts, financial assistance, etc.) World of Pirates only exists because of YOU and we do not forget this ever!

Items to be auctioned off: (ALL ships come with 90 days of free replacement insurance!)
Please go to the store to look up items, even those not for sale are in the store excluding 200 speed sloops but they do not need a description…

-One set of two 200 speed sloops. (Not for sale and never will be.) Starting bid is $100.00 USD

-One set of four 100 speed sloops (Being phased out of the game this year & not available in the store at this time. Starting bid is $20.00

-One set of two 100 speed sloops. Starting bid is $10.00

-Your own NPC! (Not player controlled) NPC will live and sail in WoP as long as WoP lives! It will also generate specialists with the same name Starting bid is $15.00 USD

-Custom clan flag with your design! Your entire clan will receive the flag for one full year! Starting bid is $10.00

-Mystery Adventure! (Not for sale & never will be.) Starting bid is $5.00

-A massive fleet of twelve 7 speed / 26 cannon WG’s! Starting bid is $5.00 USD
Another huge fleet of 12 work barques. (Not for sale in the store.) Starting bid is $5.00 USD

-A great set of 12 Fast Galleon Battle Ships! Starting bid is $4.00

-A set of 12 battle flyuts! Starting bid is $3.00

– 95% carpenter. Starting bis is $4.00

– + 10 Merchant. Starting bid is $3.00

-The amazing cannonier! Starting bid is $3.00

-The official World of Pirates T-Shirt. Starting bid is $1.00 USD

-The official World of Pirates mouse pad! Starting bid is $1.00 USD

I hope ALL of you have FUN! It’s why we’re doing this so everyone can have a bit
Of fun

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