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World of Pirate News II March 2013

All kinds of things will be happening from March through this fall beginning with the move. Yes, World of Pirates is moving from it’s current location near Charlevoix, MI to the majestic Sault Ste. Marie, MI which is on the border of Ontario Canada. Sault Ste Marie lies on the famous Saint Mary’s river where the Soo Locks work day & night making sure ship traffic runs smoothly. The locks are managed by the Army Corp of EngeneersJ

Information can be found here:



We are hoping to hold our annual North American convention in Sault Ste. Marie this August so please save your pennies and plan to be there! As usual I will reserve 20% of ALL store sales (from March 1 through August 1, 2013) for our fund to help players get to the convention. We are hoping to have enough to give ten of you the sum of $100 for gas and or lodging. It’s not a lot but it does helpJ Because the current location is for sale and the move can not take place until this home is sold, there is no way to know what the date of the move will be. We can only HOPE to have the new place ready to move into by August 1. The office for WoP will have to be built during the fall, so at first I will be managing WoP out of a small bedroom in the new house.


If we can be in the new house before the convention then you are welcome to stay there rather then have to pay for lodging. However, the new place is a small beach house and you may end up in a sleeping bag on the floor, but hey, free is good! J The new place sits on a small island just outside of Sault Ste. Marie you will have to take a ferry to the island. The house sits on Lake Huron, which is a magnificent lake. You can swim or just watch the ship traffic. It is a magical place that is rich is nautical history and perfect for us pirates.


If you will be in need of financial assistance to get to the convention please sign up now! First come first serve. As usual, I will make sure everyone has a great time. We’ll go to some great restaurants, we’ll watch the ships lock through the Saint Mary’s, and we’ll visit the pirate store and the haunted houseJ We will also visit the only floating freighter museum in the USA; The Valley Camp:


Because we are moving we need to down size, this is good news for all of you! We are going to have a HUGE Easter raffle and raffle off some AWESOME Pirate stuff! We have Pirate alarm clocks, pirate throw blankets, pirate banks, pirate flags, pirate- everything and you can get it for nearly nothing just by buying some inexpensive raffle tickets Tickets go on sale March 15th so don’t forget to pick up a pack and I hope you win something good.


I am on the search for a highly skilled gaming programmer. I hope we can find someone for the fall/winter as WoP is in desperate need of updates. We need to raise as much $ as possible to hire a programmer. I think I can probably get someone in their spare time for maybe $800 a month to just make a few updates. People are always interested in extra money!  I’d give nearly anything to see some FUN and interesting new content in WoP!


Store sales have never been better and I am THRILLED that WoP is going to live on! I honestly did not think it would improve but all of you have made it possible to keep it running! You guys (and gals) are fantastic! I’d kiss you if you did not live so far away.



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