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Learn about the Treasure Fleet

Treasure Fleet details

The treasure fleet made it’s maiden

voyage February 28th!

If you see the Treasure Fleet please follow it.

It will recognize that you are
there and it will stop and wait for you.

If you try to fence it or fire cannons, it

Trade with it and see what you get.

Once you have completed a successful
trade it will not trade with you again for 24 hours.

If you get nothing in trade this means it has run out of goodies,

that isn’t aproblem because the trade is recorded

and a gift certificate will be emailed toyou within 24 hours

that you can spend in the store & buy what ever you want.

The Treasure Fleet gives items that are sold in the store,

this is being done so all players can have store items.

It would not be fair for those who can not
afford to buy in the store to not be able to obtain store items.

Items you receive can be traded or sold in the game for game

gold or objects, ships, specs, etc.

But you can not sell any item outside of the game.

When the treasure fleet sets sail it is posted in the wop channel.

It sails three days per week and covers all time zones.

Have fun on your quest!


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