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World of Pirates

Live the life of a 17th century pirate in this MMORPG

with fantastic global chat and PVP only dreamed about by other games.

A game of strategy & survival on the high seas. Your game, your choice.

Be a tame trader or be the cut throat pirate who hunts & plunders

the innocent or be the pirate hunter fighting to protect your nation.

World of Pirates is only limited by your imagination!


Get FREE Stuff!

 For new and returning Players:

When you reach nav (navigation) level 20 (for returning players you must have been away from WoP for six consecutive months.) just send an email to:

include your character’s name and request your FREE gift! You will receive a set of two 50 speed up sloops, one million in game gold and 10 PoE to use like cash in the World of Pirates store! Sloops are insured & are replaced free for ten days from date of delivery. Only one entire noob pack per Account.

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December Fight Event

Welcome to the December Event.

On 30th December at 19:00 Germany at the Lake from Punto Fijo.

Every one can join the Fight no registration required.

Each player get one Merchant ship crew and shatter from the Admin.

Now the fight begins and the player without crew lose.

The last player who can sail is the winner.


1st Place: One 300 Spezial Sloop or 6 Skill WGs

2nd Place: 6 Killer WGs or 6 Every FGs

3rd Place: One 125 Christmas Sloop

For all who joining the Event one 9,9 Cook

Have Fun!!


Wop Cup Info

WoP Cup Info

Group A:

1. Jojohann
2. Chriss
3. Ahab
4. Nicoleas

20:00 Jojohann – Chriss (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)
20:20 Ahab – Nicoleas (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

20:00 Jojohann – Ahab (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)
21:20 Chriss – Nicoleas (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

21:00 Nicoleas – Jojohann (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)
21:20 Chriss – Ahab (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)


Group B:

1. Kamikaze111111111
2. CommanderBawz
3. MikeOso

20:40 Kamikaze111111111 – CommanderBawz (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

20:20 CommanderBawz – MikeOso (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

20:00 MikeOso – Kamikaze111111111 (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)


Group C

1. Hausmasta
2. AdmiralBones
3. Casual Style

21:00 Hausmasta – AdmiralBones (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

20:40 CasualStyle – Hausmasta (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

20:20 AdmiralBones – CasualStyle (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)


Group D

1. Chim
2. LumpisNachbar
3. DesasterMaster

21:20 Chim – LumpisNachbar (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

21:00 DesasterMaster – Chim (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

20:40 LumpisNachbar – DesasterMaster (Referee/Schiedsrichter: NN)

Viel Glück / Good Luck



Wop Cup

A 1 vs 1 PvP tournament, based on an event idea from players for players. Put into operation with kind
support of

GM Hindenburg
Lumpis Nachbar

The WoP Cup is a 1 vs 1 PvP tournament with a group stage and a final round. Of cours the event will be
rounded over with a battle royal, on the final day after the finals, as bloody and dirty, as usual!

Bay below Punto Fijo

The execution – General:
The WoP Cup is divided into a group stage and a final round, all registerd players will be put together
in groups of 4, by a lottery.

No Storeships allowed within the tournament!
No teams allowed during the matches!
Ship class for the matches is exclusively FG!
Number of Ships is 4!
The ships will be put by the referee!

The players take their Ships and and Ammo on a raft from the referee and sail towards the bay afterwards.

The matches are held without wood and clothes
Entering the port during the match is not allowed, this means no reload of ammo during a match!

Every violation of the rules above immediately leads to disqualification from the whole tournament!

The  execution – group stage:
Within the groups everyone fights a match against each other with a max. duration of 15 min.!

The players fight without wood and clothes,without reloading of ammo and without repairing ships during
the match.Every violation of any of these rulesimmediately leads to disqualification from the whole
tournament! In this case, the discontinued match will be valued as a victory by difference of damage
(see below) with 3 % difference of damage.

If a ship gets sunk before the official match time is over, the match ends immediately, winner ist the
one, who sunk the opponents ship.

If at least one player is running out of ammo, before the offical match time is over, the match as well
ends immediately. Winner is the player, who caused more damage to his opponents ship until this
time! The difference of remaining percentage of hull must be at least 3%, otherwise the match will be
valued as a tie! The same rules will be applied, if there is no ship sunken as well as no player is running
out of ammo during the regular match time!

The following scoring system will be used for the matches:

Victory by sinking an opponents ship:        3:0 points
Victory by difference of damage:        2:0 points
Tie:                     1:1 points

In addition the difference of caused damage will be valued in the score table as well (i.e. 68 % by 63 %
gives + 5% for the winner and minus 5% for the loser of a match).

The first and second placed players of each group qualify themselfes directly for the final round. Depending
on the number of groups only the first placed players of each group and the best second placed players and/or
the best third placed players qualify for the final round to reach the required amount of players (16) for the
final round.

In case of a tie of points within a group, the direct comparision of the players is used to calculate the position
within the score table. If the direct comparisin is a tie as well, the overall caused difference of damage is used
for the calculation and if this is a tie as well, finally the positioning is based on a lottery!

The same rules re used for the eventually best second and/or third placed players except the direct comparision,
which is not available!

The  execution – final round:
The qualified players will be put together into pairings, by a defined key for the round of the last 16, 8 and the
semi finals. The winners of the semi finals will play the final, the losers the match for third place.

The max. match time is 25 min. In case of a tie (difference of damage below 3%), ther will be an extra time
of 5 min. If it is still a tie after the extra time, the winner will be evaluated by lottery! Further more the same
rules are applied as into the group stage!

The execution – The battle royal:

On the final day, after the final match, there will be a battle royal for all participants of the WoP Cup.

Shipclass FG or below!
No wood no clothes!
No teams!
Max. 4 ships!
No store ships!

Any violation of one of the rules, listed above, leads to an immediate disqualification from the battle royal!
Winner will be the last remaining player on sea!

If there is more then one player left after the end of the battle (23:00 GMT), winner is the one with the most left
ships and/or the less hull damage!

The conditions of participation:
Eligible is every player, who is able to sail at least 4 FG’s (nav. skill 96 or above)!

The registration:
The rgistration is available via Facebook or via E-Mail to

The dates:
Closure of registration:                    15.12.2015
Lottery and announcement of the groups and match dates:        20.12.2015 *1)
Group stage:                        15.01.2016 – 23.01.2016
Round of last 16:                        24.01.2016
Round of last 8 and semi finals:                30.01.2016
Match for third, final and battle royal:                31.01.2016

*1) If players are not able to participate in a match of the group stage at the annonced date, they have to
find an alternative date by themselfes (together with the assigned referee) within the annonunced time
frame of the group stage. If this is not possible, the match will be valued as a tie! If a player doesn’t appear
for a match of the final round – no matter what reason for -, the opponent wins automatically. If both players
of a match of the final round doesn’t appear, the winner is evaluated by lottery!

The Winnings (sponsored with kind support of the WoP Team):

WoP Cup:
1st place:     A set of four 200 speed up sloops
2nd place:    A set of 12 Killer WG’s
3rd place:    A set of 14 Every FG’s
Battle royal:
1st place:    A specialist of your choice from the store
2nd place:    A set of two 100 speed up sloops

IMPORTANT: Depending on the ammount of registered players some regulations and/or Winnings may
be changed. Further details will be announced after closure of registration.